The Designer
Niklas Johnson is a Swedish-born graphic designer based in Florence, Italy. He have gained experience from studying graphic design in Sweden, USA and Italy. While studying in USA Niklas discovered that his true passion with in graphic design lies within typography and type design. His dream is to rule the world with help of his typography... you will all see.
The Philosophy
I think you can place any designer on a scale, where one side the artists such as Stefan Sagmeister and the other side you would find people like Steve Jobs. Both have done amazing work, however their approaches to the problems are very different. Jobs is a "problem-solver" while Sagmeister is more of an artist. ​​​​​​​
If I would place myself on the scale, I would put me closer to Jobs than Sagmeister. This is because I believe strong concepts and ideas are the more powerful tool for a designer to use. This does not mean that the visual part isn't important, but I always start in the end to find a concept, then I've learned that the appearance usually works itself out.
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